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Data Analytics Consulting Firm

Specializing in providing outsourced CFO and financial advisory services to companies in the data analytics and software fields




The predictive analytics industry is going through a period of rapid growth and transition. This environment provides both opportunities and challenges for emerging companies.  An advisor with deep industry experience and relationships can help achieve an optimal result for businesses seeking an exit.



Alliances can be effective way to leverage the capabilities and strengths of a partner.  Effective partnerships require an alignment of interests and should have clear objectives and an understanding of the obligations of both parties.



Outsourcing of strategic planning and corporate development functions can be a cost effective way for companies to best utilize their limited resources and benefit from the domain expertise of an industry expert.



When seeking early-stage growth capital, it is important to identify a financial partner who understands the industry and offers the right type of support, beyond just capital, as a company manages its growth. 



The data analytics field has been around since the dawn of the computer age, but really matured in the 1990’s as the means to operationalize data based decisions into business processes became feasible and more economical.  Through this period, the commercial application of analytics was mostly utilized in large, regulated, data-intensive industries such as financial services, health care as well as the public sector.


Then, from the mid-1990’s a couple of seismic shifts took place which have driven the growth of analytics into the mainstream and into all industry sectors.  The first, not surprisingly, is the emergence of the internet and, more specifically, the explosion in transactional activity and consumer preference information gathered by the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and others giving rise to the big data phenomenon, referencing the explosion in the volume, variety and velocity of data flows and the migration of business to the cloud.  Alongside this development has been continuing rapid advances in computing capabilities which has facilitated the automation of many analytics functions.


The data analytics industry has grown up around and in response to these trends. Today, data analytics capability is a core capability for companies seeking to make better business decisions and gain a competitive advantage.


The mission of Marin Analytic Consulting is to help serve established and  emerging companies as an outsourced strategic and business advisor as they navigate their way through the myriad challenges confronting companies in the data and analytics space.


Greg has over 20 years experience as a senior finance executive and investment banker specializing in M&A, corporate finance and alliance development. He has deep experience in the analytics and software industries and has worked with multi-nationals and emerging analytics solutions companies. 


  • Greg led the strategy and corporate development function at Fair Isaac for a number of years and executed a number of transforming acquisitions for the company which saw the company's revenue quadruple to over $800 million. In addition, he was responsible for the company's capital raising, investor relations, alliance and competitive intelligence functions. 

  • Prior to this, Greg worked for Siebel Systems where he managed the relationship with a global strategic consulting partner. 

  • Greg also acted as a consultant to a number of emerging analytics and data companies, advising on operational matters, strategy formulation, capital raising, exit strategy and partnering and distribution channel opportunities.

  • Earlier in his career, Greg worked as an investment banker in Australia and the US, specializing in the financial services technology sector. 

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