Statistical Attribution & Optimization in the B2B World.

There has been a lot of activity recently around revenue attribution - marketers want to develop a better understanding of their customer acquisition funnel and be able to measure progress against it. Most of this attention has been focused on the B2C space. However, less work has been done measuring the performance of B2B marketing activities. Certainly the marketing automation segment is very vibrant with a large number of vendors (both big and small) providing solutions that better enable businesses to manage campaign workflows, nurture prospects through the purchasing funnel, and report metrics around leads and campaigns, However, not as much has been done in marketing attribution and m

Blending Marketing Mix and Attribution

Marketing measurement has long been an arcane field - companies interested in understanding how their marketing programs impacted revenue (or brand value) would hire expensive consultants who labored long and hard to deliver complex models at great cost to help their clients set high level marketing strategies and advertising budgets. This worked well until the internet came along and changed the game - new digital channels and online marketing techniques were embraced by both marketers and consumers and resulted in data streams that could be used to attribute the impact of those programs on revenue. Further, this could be done at a very granular level - a clear trail of clicks enabled mark

The Marketing Technology Minefield

Of all the executives in the C-Suite, the role of the Chief Marketing Officer has probably changed more than any other over the past 15 years. Marketing is no longer simply responsible for brand awareness and building brand equity, rather it is now a direct driver of prospects through the sales funnel. While the marketing function can drive brand differentiation and customer loyalty in an increasingly crowded and commoditized world, it is also responsible for communicating in multiple formats with consumers across many different channels. Although the fundamental mission of the CMO has not really changed much over the years - to engage, acquire and retain customers for the long term; the

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