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How many analytics companies are there?

I set out a structure for the data analytics industry in a previous post. This framework attempted to define a framework by which companies can be categorized and evaluated. The framework defined a group of four sectors with a number of segments within each of those sectors. On the one hand there is a group of global leaders that provide a comprehensive suite of analytics software and services to all-comers as well as a group of companies that have deep expertise and offerings focused on a single industry. On the other, there are companies focused on a specific domain or business problem (such as marketing analytics or fraud) as well as segments that focus on functional areas such as data, analytic modeling or consulting.

How many companies are there in each of these segments? The short answer is probably too many to count or, if I could, the number would change by the time I got to the end of the list. Notwithstanding this, I decided to develop a list to better understand the universe and to get a sense of the competitive landscape.

I have attached a copy of the spreadsheet at the link below.

All told, the list totals about 800 (and counting) companies categorized by the segments in the framework above. Who have I missed? Let me know as I will continue to update and refresh the database.

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