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A Database of Analytics Companies

In a prior post I outlined some thoughts on the outlook for the data analytics sector and referenced a database I prepared of analytics companies. At the time the list comprised about 400 names categorized into a number of sectors and segments (

I’ve continued to update the list since that time and it now comprises about 800 companies.

It can be referenced via logging in at my website:

How has the list changed? I’ve have seen the following trends:

  • The population of marketing analytics companies is large and has continued to grow.This sector may be ripe for some consolidation in the near term.

  • The cyber risk group has grown and there will likely be more entrants is this field given the growing level of risk in this area.

  • New companies are emerging in new industries focused on solving problems for which data has now become available.

  • Some companies have been acquired but the pace of M&A activity has been largely outpaced by start up activity.

I continue to update the database – so let me know of any companies I may have missed.

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